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Advanced Real Estate Training

Business Owner | Speaker | Author | Journalist

Jabez LeBret


What Are People Saying: 


"Becky and Jabez did an amazing job training our agents today. Their content was actionable and impactful. A lot of people just pitch their services the whole time, but not them. They delivered so many useful marketing tips that our agents can start applying today. Everyone was engaged the entire time, and the feedback was great. I would highly recommend having them visit your office. "

Jack Tsai, Team Leader, eXp 


Jabez's approach is personable, engaging, interactive, and most importantly, memorable. I have quite a few skeptics on my sales team. The last thing in the world they want to be doing is anything that takes time away from getting leads and closing deals. For those skeptics to give me unsolicited positive feedback, to tell me how much they enjoyed the session and the content, and to be excited to put things into practice speaks volumes.
The material was relevant, valuable, and implementable. He somehow managed to teach us sales techniques through team-building exercises. It is truly amazing. We've come out of our two days with Jabez stronger than ever and I'm so excited about our future. I've already seen my team members putting things into practice and finding success. I cannot convey strongly enough how much I recommend Jabez LeBret for sales training. You will not be disappointed."

Amber Bonadar, Director, Affinipay

In-Person and Virtual Training for Residential Real Estate Brokerages, Associations, and Teams

From sales and marketing to AI and automation, Jabez delivers engaging presentations that educate and provide actionable steps to implementing new techniques for selling real estate.

These trainings are free to local offices and associations in Southern California. For events that require travel please contact 


Jabez has delivered over 1,200 presentations globally and is considered a leading expert in marketing, technology, and leadership. 

For Bookings, Please Email

Here are descriptions of Jabez and Becky's four courses:

Tech Experience NOT Required: How Every Agent Can Leverage ChatGPT and AI to Make Life Easier 

Key Takeaways:

- Enhance the client experience with AI and automation

- Leveraging ChatGPT

- What you should and should not automate

- How to use AI to build out social media communication

- Maximizing your yield: make once use many

Advanced Online Marketing from Social Media to Reviews

Key Takeaways:

- Cracking the algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin

- Getting better reviews and where to put them

- Understanding keywords and how search works

- Using chatGPT to dominate social media and email campaigns 

Marketing Basics and How to Build Your Online Presence

Key Takeaways:

- Finding the right social media platform to have a presence (hint, it is not all of them)

- Establishing a healthy online presence 

- Simple steps to getting some reviews

- Creating content for other people to grow your base

You're Networking Wrong, How to Dramatically Increase Your SOI by Changing the Way You Network

Key Takeaways:

- Where you should be networking 

- Using content creation as a way to network 

- Ditch the pitch, how to gain people's trust at events

- Speaking and using expertise to 10X your SOI

For a full range of topics, please email 

I look forward to connecting with you and educating your agents. Thank you for taking the time to connect! 


For Bookings, Please Email

For traveling events or paid presentations: ​

Tailored Presentation

You’ve likely seen many presentations where the speaker took out his or her “canned” material and just inserted your company or association’s name in once or twice during the hour. It doesn’t take too long until the listeners are looking at each other as if to say, “Does this guy have any idea what we do?”


What you get from Jabez will be far from “canned.” Instead, he will provide a unique presentation tailored to the needs and wants of your group. His pre-program research will begin with your very first conversation and will continue to and through the event.


There is a difference between a speaker and an expert who speaks. You and your audience know the difference. Jabez is an expert in the field of Marketing, Sales, and Communication. Spend one hour with him and you will learn the difference between Jabez and other speakers.


This is the icing on the cake. While many celebrities and experts have curb appeal and content, many do not have the vehicle to deliver it. Jabez is known for his ability to grab the audience's attention from the very beginning both to inspire and to motivate while educating them with tools that lead to results.


The Extra Mile

Jabez’s work for you will not end when the microphone turns off. As needed, he would be happy to join your group in any social functions before or after the event. Additionally, your senior representative at the meeting will get a one-half-hour conference with Jabez within a month of the presentation to discuss the results of pre-program work (this never gets turned down).



Hiring a journalist and highly sought-after author for your event makes your event program shine and builds a wave of pre-program enthusiasm.


Here is some technical information about hiring me:


Flights: For flights, I like to keep things simple: I always book my ticket in advance to ensure I get the best deal and I typically fly coach on Alaska Airlines (my home state).

Hotel Accommodations: I don’t need a large suite, but I do need a place to sleep. For most events, I require one night stay before I speak and possibly the night of the event depending on how late you need me to stay.

Transportation to / from the Airport: Please provide transportation to and from the airport. If you are not able to secure transportation I will Uber to your event and include this in my final invoice.

Food: I have no food allergies so that’s easy.

I will go out of my way to make sure that there are no issues. You will get no surprises or exorbitant bills. I know that your reputation is on the line (see reason #1 above).

AV Requirements

(1) Lavaliere microphone for myself during the presentation.

(1) Hand-held microphone for any audience participation.


Depending on the event type / size, PowerPoint may be used. If used, I will need a projector and screen.


Audiences above 250 attendees: Preferred large group setup is a raised platform (3′+) with one small table and no podium.

I need the means to get off the stage so I can walk into the audience. During the presentation, I like to move from the stage to the audience to maximize the impact of my presentation.

Lighting: During my presentation, I conduct powerful activities that require the house lights to be turned up.

Videotaping: If you are going to video the event please provide a copy of the video following the event.

Room set-up can be adjusted to accommodate smaller group sizes. If you need guidance on room setup options just let me know.

When I can I try to travel with my wife Becky and it would be great if she could also attend the event. Her badge name should read Becky LeBret. Of course, I will ask ahead of time for permission to bring Becky along.

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