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Jabez LeBret

Sound just like it's spelled Ja-Bez Le-Bret

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Business Owner

Founder & CEO

I started my first company in 2007 and it was a spectacular failure. In 2010 I co-founded GNGF a marketing agency for law firms. We built that company to over $1M in under three years. GNGF won best place to work, the BBB Torch Award, and business of the year.

In 2018 I sold the agency to open a boarding school for underserved youth. Currently, I run Aguia Ventures, a conglomerate of multiple companies spanning both B2B and B2C markets headquartered in CA.


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I love to get out and go on adventures. If that is traveling the world or climbing a mountain I'm down to go. I was born in Alaska so maybe it is something in my blood. 



My family is amazing. I'm so fortunate to have my wife Becky and our little guy along for the journey. We love to take trips, go to the beach, or stay home and watch a movie. 

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My first large presentation was in high school to almost 2,000 people. Since then I've been honored to deliver over 1,300 presentations in eight countries to audiences that range from 50 to 6,000 people. I believe the audience should be both entertained and educated. My style is polished casual. I take speaking seriously and always over-deliver. Life is pretty busy so I may not get to speak as often as I want to, but when I do I bring my best to your event. My goal is to make you look good for hiring me to speak.

Rapid Fire

Personal Questions

Fav Sport: Gonzaga Basketball

Fav Food: Pizza for sure, Mexican close 2nd

Fav Place: I love Argentina

Bad Habit: Being early :) 

Fav Book: Dancing Wu Li Master by Zukav

Biggest Fear: I don't like spiders

Fav Drink: Gin and tonic or just a beer

Fav Movie: Top Gun and The Matrix

Birth City: Seldovia Alaska, pop 220

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