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This book is for companies looking to grow, improve their culture and modernize their business approach. 

Each section includes worksheets and resources to help your team implement these strategies. 


Seven Principles That Build a Better Culture in Today's World

(release Feb 2024)

From an Amazon best-selling author, entrepreneur, journalist, and speaker comes an exciting and modern approach to building better people and growing your company.


Resetting Your Priorities

This book will help your team articulate what they need (and want!) to pay attention to and what they should just…let go. We spend too much energy putting out fires when we need to work on preventing them from happening in the first place. From strained work relationships to getting control of your priorities, this book shows you how to make decisions that lead to more success. 

Why socks? When you wake up in the morning and start your day of making decisions, is matching your socks worth your time? By slightly adjusting your priorities and perspective you can make significant long-lasting changes. This book is full of actionable tactics you can deploy to improve your team's dynamics, find new opportunities, grow your company culture, and get more done.


The Seven Principles:

1. Limit Your Decisions

2. Contribution Networking

3. Always Be Learning

4. Fail Often & Fail Fast

5. Forward Momentum at All Times

6. Inverted Pyrmid of Leadership

7. Positively Impact Those Around You

How this book works for you:

Each of the seven principles includes stories to bring life to the principle, tactics to improve on the principle, worksheets to dive deeper, and additional curated resources.

It is recommended that your team goes through this book one section per month and during the monthly meeting, you break into groups and discuss how you've adopted the tactics.

Hybrid & Remote Working
or On-Site Environments 

Let's talk about the changing work environment. Today's landscape has shifted dramatically with more working options for corporate employees and strained working environments for customer-facing employees. This book is what your team needs to navigate this new modern work life. The principles in this book align with both managers and front-line staff. With easy-to-implement strategies, your teams can adopt new principles each month. 

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