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Creating Massive Results for the
Modern Workforce
"The best speaker we’ve had!” Jackie V. Executive Office, SUBWAY

Meet Jabez

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author | Journalist 

Jabez's unique presentation style is highly interactive and entertaining. His content ensures your audience will learn a ton and love his keynote. Nothing says it better than companies like SUBWAY, Microsoft, and Armstrong McCall, who have repeatedly brought Jabez back. A Forbes contributor and previous NBC Chicago business columnist, author, and co-founder of multiple companies, Jabez shows you how to leverage the power of priorities to improve your culture and get more results.

Jabez has delivered over 1,300 keynote presentations globally in nine countries. He is passionate about company culture and team growth and brings a modern approach to success.

Happy Clients Include


New Book:
I Don't Match Socks
A New Approach to Growth
and Creating Massive Results

Reset Your Priorities 

Strengthen Your Team

Growth Mindset

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Action Items to Implement,
Not Just Ideas to Think About

Ideas, without action, will only get you so far. For this reason, Jabez delivers presentations that both inspire and educate. Your audience will be entertained while walking away with actionable items to implement immediately. His presentations are custom-designed so the content matches your event’s objectives. Meeting planners love Jabez because he is accessible and easy to work with; audiences enjoy Jabez because he delivers a powerful presentation with the information they can implement now.

"Thank you so much for being part of the inspiration yesterday. Needless to say, you did an amazing job engaging with the audience and bringing a different level of participation and energy to the room! So glad you enjoyed the event and was able to stay and mingle with the attendees."

Mishima Yang, Trinet 

“Thanks for motivating and educating our franchisees. I heard tons of great feedback about your presentations. The crowd loved it!!! I really enjoyed your keynote session. It was uplifting, super entertaining, and educational all at the same time. I’d say probably the best speaker we’ve had!”   (5,000 attendees)

Jackie Vienneau, Project Manager Executive Office, SUBWAY

"Jabez’s keynote address was flawless! Our audience was thoroughly impressed, entertained and informed. I would highly recommend Jabez as a keynote at any event. He is incredibly easy to work with, very concerned about making his client happy and delivers an amazing end result."

Stephanie Polansky, Director, Sexy Hair

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Motivation alone will not create change, you need tactics and strategy to leverage motivation.

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A Note From Jabez:
I'm so excited at the opportunity to work with you and your team. My goal is to make a massive positive impact on your company. This means we need to connect to ensure I'm the right fit for your event. Typically, introductory calls are about 15 minutes. If you need more time I'm happy to spend whatever it takes. 

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