Jabez LeBret

Millennial & Generational Leadership Speaker

Action Items to Implement,
Not Ideas to Think About

Ideas, without action, will only get you so far. For this reason, Jabez delivers presentations that both inspire and educate. Your audience will be entertained while walking away with actionable items to implement immediately. His presentations are custom designed so the content matches your event’s objectives. Meeting planners love Jabez because he is accessible and easy to work with; audiences enjoy Jabez because he delivers a powerful presentation with information they can use.

Jabez recently sold his award winning marketing agency to open an innovative boarding high school. Why is this important?


Because he doesn’t just talk about managing millennials, he lives it. Jabez also goes far beyond just talking from the stage.

His unique interactive presentation style and highly entertaining delivery ensure your audience will both learn and love his keynote.

Current Forbes contributor and previous NBC Chicago business columnist, author and co-founder of Sisu Academy, Jabez LeBret, shows you how to leverage the different generations and use Contribution Leadership to dramatically improve your business or organization.



Jabez LeBret at Sport Clips National Hud






1,200 presentations


Jabez has delivered over 1,200 presentations globally and is considered a leading expert in marketing, technology, and managing Millennials in the workplace.



What people

are saying


Jabez LeBret

“Thanks for motivating and educating our franchisees further on Millennials. I heard tons of great feedback about your presentations. The crowd loved it!!! I really enjoyed your keynote session. It was uplifting, super entertaining, and educational all at the same time. I’d say probably the best speaker we’ve had.”  Jackie Vienneau, Project Manager Executive Office, SUBWAY (5,000 attendees)

"Thank you so much for being part of the inspiration yesterday. Needless to say, you did an amazing job engaging with the audience and bringing a different level of participation and energy to the room! So glad you enjoyed the event and was able to stay and mingle with the attendees." Mishima Yang, Trinet 

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Jabez through several events and programs at the Seattle Chamber. I have found him to be a consummate professional, an effective communicator and a gifted leader. He is a self starter and takes initiative to bring new ideas forward and to assure that a quality product is always delivered. He is also a very pleasant person to know and work with.” Phil Bussey, Past President & CEO, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

A quick note from me:

I have been a financial analyst at Nordstrom, owned several companies, managed both millennial employees and every other generation all while building a strong background in cognitive psychology and leadership. I understand what separates my generation from the others, and most importantly, I am able to help your team discover simple tools and techniques that will dramatically impact your organization.

I only book 8-12 presentations a year because I have a company to manage. I am nice, strive to contribute to the success of those around me, and always attempt to under promise and over deliver. Bottom line I want to work with you, but I may not be the best fit for your event…if that is the case I can (and have) helped meeting planners just like you find a speaker that is right for you.

Let's get personal


Easy to work with

Jabez makes your life easy

and the process simple.


Interesting, funny and educational.

Your audience will enjoy this presentation.


Jabez takes coach to save you 

budget dollars.


Seasoned speaker with real

life experience managing staff.



2801 B St 

ste 586

San Diego, CA 92102




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